The Alphabet strikes back

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Last week The Prayer Journals of Flannery O’Connor was finally released. If you know me at all, you know this made me crazy happy.

But this has also been a very good week. I just finished teaching the ABC’s of Creative Writing for the Bubbler Program at the Central Public Library and was really lucky to have some wonderful women in the class (yes, for some reason, it was all women and they were all pretty wonderful). I loved getting to talk about point of view and emotion and how to keep a scene or story moving.

I also got a copy of jubilat in the mail with one of my Hulga crowns in it. There’s also poems by Dean Young, Oliver Bendorf, Kara Candito, a translation of Circe Maia by Jesse Lee Kercheval, and an interview with Maggie Nelson. Now that’s just tasty!

And last night I got an email from the folks at Flavor saying they’d finished the video of my poem “The Alphabet Conspiracy.” I’m really interested in the combination of visual work and poetry, so this was a special treat (to see the video, head on over to the News & Events page).